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Dr. Sloane is a knowledgeable and exciting speaker for your church or politically conservative group.  As a student of history and theology, J.P. Sloane has researched not only the diversity of Christianity, he has also explored various other religions, sects and cults in order to understand how they interact, challenge and influence each other.  He is an author and Islamic researcher, having studied both here in America and in the Middle East. Find out the truth about Islam and if it really is a “religion of peace.”  Many respected politicians, including two presidents and media personalities have said a lot regarding the faith of Muhammad–but are they accurate?  Can Allah and YAWA (Jehovah) really be one and the same?  Are they really radical Muslims or simply fundamentalists? Learn about the biblical stories contained in the Qur’an and how computable they are with Scripture. Could “Chrislam” (Christianity + Islam) be the one world religion spoken of in the Bible?  It is imperative that we all understand what Islam is and if Islam’s Sharia Law is compatible with a democracy, particularly the United States Constitution.

He believes that time is running out for America and the world as we know it.  The Bible has forewarned us about events that have recently happened and that are about to happen.  Could we be living in the Last Days?

Dr. Sloane has been a guest on the following television broadcasts:

  • 700 Club (CBN)
  • PTL Club (PTL Network)
  • Lester Sumrall Today (LeSea Broadcasting)
  • Richard Roberts Live
  • Harvest (LeSea Broadcasting)
  • Praise the Lord (TBN)

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