In the western world we primarily think of synagogues and churches as places of worship, but sometimes political opinions based on Scripture will be given to the congregations. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that a large percentage of Americans outside of our Conservative world are not particularly concerned about mosques popping up like mushrooms throughout America.

Americans who are ignorant of the Koran are most likely not concerned to find out that imams are presenting political opinions based on the teachings of the Koran to their mosque congregants. Mosques are purveyors of Islamic Law, known as Sharia. In fact, in the United States we have already enshrined Sharia Law in finance and banking. The establishment of Sharia financing is nothing more than the proverbial “camel’s nose” under the tent. Don’t believe me? Check out England, France and Germany—just to name a few.

What the American mindset does not understand is that Islam means “submission” and never concern themselves with the question, “How can a doctrine that embraces total submission co-exist with a democratic republic?” That is just it—it can’t. The reason is because total submission is the antithesis of a democratic republic.

During the 1950s a new political phenomena began to spread throughout America known as Communist cells. They were small gatherings, usually in a person’s home, where like-minded conspirators would gather to further their agenda to overthrow America. It can be argued that the same overthrow of America is being conducted today—only not under the guise of people gathering in homes—but hiding in full sight in buildings called mosques.

As westerners, it is in our nature to embrace different cultures and people. Even though we might not totally agree with the various ethnic groups, we nonetheless tolerate them and try to find common ground with which to embrace them as fellow citizens. This western phenomena has not gone unnoticed by those who would further a commitment to a worldwide caliphate (a one world government ruled by a physical or spiritual descendant of Muhammad, not unlike the Pope’s inherited office in Rome from the apostle St. Peter).

Some Americans have been duped by the popular political rhetoric that Islam has been hijacked by radical extremists. Do not believe it! The truth is that these people are emulating the prophet Muhammad and are nothing more than hardline Islamists who have read the Koran and believe it.

This is not unique to the Obama Administration because it actually began under the Bush Administration. Where did they come up with such a misleading concept? Both Republican and Democrat parties have been greatly influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood who are firmly ensconced in the nation’s White House—however we would be wise to keep a close watch for not only more Islamic activities in our nation right now, but other tyrannical issues as well—due to the overwhelming loss of Barack Obama’s political setback on Tuesday, November 4.

Consider what happened on Election Day: