America was founded on the premise that we are the second Israel because—like Israel—we were founded to honor the God of the Bible and His Laws. In 1607 the very first act of the first English speaking settlers was to plant a huge Cross on Cape Henry at Virginia Beach dedicating America and the new continent to Christ. This act was followed by the Pilgrims arrival in 1620 who made a covenant (Mayflower Compact) with God between themselves and their new land. Our Constitution is based on that covenant.

The discoverer of this new land by Europeans was Christopher (means “Christ-bearer”) Columbus. One of the main purposes of his adventure was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the heathens.

On 9/11 God sent a harbinger (sign of warning) to Israel in the form of attacks by Assyria when they began turning their backs on God and seeking other supernatural sources (Isaiah 8-9). God has done the same to America when He allowed the Muslim Jihadists to attack New York City, the financial capital of the world and Washington D.C., the capitol of the United States. Unfortunately, we responded just like Israel did (Isaiah 9:10)—in defiance…