In what was once known as Christendom, the European and Western hemisphere countries have developed into a more enlightened democratic form of government, while the Muslims have remained in the mindset of the seventh-century totalitarian Islamic rule. Yet in this archaic seventh-century culture, a new form of jihad has developed. While the Western societies initiated what some have referred to as the “holocaust of the womb” (abortion), Muslims have instituted a new phenomenon known as the “Jihad of the Womb.”

The median age in Western societies is rapidly aging, while millions and millions of their infants have been aborted—wiping out an entire generation or two—with the unforeseen consequences being that these the aging Western societies are not replacing their numbers as needed.

Enter the Muslims. Islam has infiltrated the West with a new non-violent means of usurping power in these democratic countries.

The dying, older generation of Westerners is being replaced—not by their children—but by Muslim’s children. There is a saying in the Middle East: “The Westerners have the watches, but we (Muslims) have the time!” In all reality, it is just a matter of time before Islam will have enough people to outnumber not only the Christians and Jews, but the secularists as well. How will that be seen at the voting booths? As the Muslim population increases in the face of the decreasing Westerner populations, they will take over the political parties and governments of the Western nations which have provided them with sanctuary. When that day comes, Muslims will be able to vote in their Sharia Law and establish Islamic governments which will then become part of a new Caliphate—and they can do this without firing a shot simply by observing the “Jihad of the Womb!”